2019 Fantasy Football Final Standings

Scandalous League

Championship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike Wakeley Championship Trophy - Mike Wakeley  Massive Nassiffs (Jeff Nassiff)

King Division W L Pct. PF PA
* The Bigg Doggs (Chris) 13 1 0.929 1964.5 1343.5
Frozen Tundra (Eric) 9 5 0.643 1605.0 1493.0
Grid Iron 7 7 0.500 1479.5 1570.0
Crenshaw Pete 4 10 0.286 1202.0 1534.0
Queen Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Seven Isn't Too Far Away 9 5 0.643 1722.5 1552.5
Swamee Selects 7 7 0.500 1630.0 1559.5
Baby Boom 7 7 0.500 1543.0 1550.5
North Quincy Posse 1 13 0.071 1145.0 1727.5
Jack Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Massive Nassiffs 8 6 0.571 1584.0 1558.0
Polk High Panthers 8 6 0.571 1619.5 1559.5
Game of Endzones 6 8 0.429 1466.5 1445.0
Just Call Me Dushi 5 9 0.357 1493.0 1561.5


The only change in 2019 was the addition of a FLEX player to our strating line-ups. Instead of starting 11 players each week, we would now start 12. The FLEX player could be a RB, WR, or TE.


Top 5 Auction Prices:

$110 - Carson Wentz (Jeff)

$100 - Ezekiel Elliott (Craig)

$100 - Le'Veon Bell (Brian G.)

$100 - David Johnson (Brian G.)

$91 - Jared Goff (Rick)



Championship Game #1: Frozen Tundra (Eric) defeated The Bigg Doggs (Chris), 159.5 - 103.0.

Championship Game #2: Massive Nassiffs (Jeff) defeated Seven Isn't Too Far Away (Mike W.), 114.0 - 104.0.

Toilet Bowl Loser: Crenshaw Pete (James).

Fantasy Bowl: Massive Nassiffs (Jeff) defeated Frozen Tundra (Eric), 152.5 - 135.5.

The Fantasy Bowl was a high scoring affair. Eric put up 135.5 points, which would have won the previous 13 years, but Jeff had other ideas, scoring 152.5 points, on his way to the Championship. He couldn't have done it without Saquan Barkley, who finally earned his salary. Barkley, who had been averaging 10 pts a game coming into the Fantasy Bowl, put up 47 pts to lead the Massive Nassiffs to victory. The 22 year drought is over! As I predicted last year, it was the "Flex" player that would get Jeff on top again!

We started the season with a Pizza Party at the Flatbread Company. It was there where we picked Flex players for the first time. In 2019 we were going to add a starter to our lineups and start 12 players each week. The 2019 regular season set some scoring records. 4 of the Top 5 franchise scoring records were set. We also saw a single game scoring record set by The Bigg Doggs at 201.0 pts. We also saw the highest point total between two teams in the Fantasy Bowl and the 2nd highest team total of all time at 152.5 pts.(Paul has the highest - 160 pts in 2001).

The foundation of the Massive Nassiffs franchise began in the pre-season with a trade for Chris Godwin (traded Phillip Lindsay to Shaggy). Godwin emerged as a #1 receiver and the Massive Nassiff's 2nd highest scorer on the season. Coming into the auction Jeff also had Patrick Mahomes, Saquan Barkley, Cooper Kupp, Tarik Cohen, and the untouchable Derrius Guice. Carson Wentz was Jeff's big target at the Auction. He also added rookie RB David Montgomery to round out his running backs. A mid-auction deal of Dion Lewis to Rick for Jarvis Landry was a shrewd move that paid dividends all season long. Surprisingly, that was the last trade Jeff would make all season. Known for making hundreds of trade offers in a given season, Jeff was confident enough in his squad to stand pat. He did make some key free-agent acquisitions, though. He outbid everyone for Gardner Minshew and then never started him once all season. The acquisition was more of a "keep-away" /slash/ insurance move. Other key free-agent additions were Jared Cook, who scored 22.0 pts to get Jeff into the playoffs and 23.5 pts in the Fantasy Bowl and Sterling Shepard, who put up 15.0 points in the Fantasy Bowl. Will Dissly and Dallas Goedert also helped contribute to wins in the regular season. The lesson as always is to keep manicuring your roster across all 14 weeks of the regular season! Jeff had a very memorable Week 14 where he was able to back-door his way into the playoffs after My Dixie Wreck beat the Polk High Panthers due to a last minute Zach Ertz touchdown. The following week, Jeff squeaked by Mike Wakeley with a 10.0 pt first round playoff victory. Next year Jeff returns with 3 starting running backs, but will need to add his QBs and WRs.

2019 was clearly Jeff's year as he is also the Scandalous League Baseball Champion. This marked Jeff's 4th Fantasy Football Title and 6th Scandalous League Title overall (joining Eric, Mike W., and Paul).

Jeff truly was "One GM to Rule Them All".

Trivia Question: Who are the only owners to hold both the baseball and football titles at the same time?

Trivia Answer: Eric and Jeff are the only two owners to unify both titles in the same calendar season. However, Craig and Brian Guilmet also have had both trophies at the same time with an overlap between football and the following season of baseball

Jeff - 2019 (Baseball & Football)
Eric - 2007 (Baseball & Football)
Craig - 2013 (Football), 2014 (Baseball)
Brian Guilmet - 1999 (Football), 2000 (Baseball)