2016 Fantasy Football Final Standings

Scandalous League

Championship Trophy - John O'Brien   Pugh Mahone (John O'Brien)

King Division W L Pct. PF PA

* Straight Cash Homey (Mike W.) 11 3 0.786 1518.5 1293.0

Massive Nassiffs (Jeff) 10 4
0.714 1447.0 1365.0

Frozen Tundra (Eric) 7 7 0.500 1373.5 1413.0

Game of Endzones (Dave) 3 11 0.214 1196.5 1456.0

Queen Division W L Pct. PF PA

* Pugh Mahone (John O'Brien) 11 3 0.786 1445.0 1251.0

Just Call Me Dushi (Matt L.) 6 8 0.429 1318.5 1396.5

Grid Iron (Paul) 5 9 0.357 1298.0 1482.0

The Bigg Doggs (Chris) 4 10 0.286 1423.0 1504.5

Jack Division W L Pct. PF PA

* Swamee Selects (Rick) 12 2 0.857 1674.0 1237.5

Crenshaw Pete (James) 8 6 0.571 1376.5 1385.0

Polk High Panthers (Craig) 5 9 0.357 1391.5 1442.0

North Quincy Posse (Mike L.) 2 12 0.143 1134.5 1371.0


We didn't make any major changes entering the 2016 season. We returned the same owners as the previous season.

Top 5 Auction Prices:

$141 - Russell Wilson (Eric)

$121 - C.J. Anderson (Loftus)

$115 - Lamar Miller (Chris)

$105 - Kirk Cousins (John)

$105 - Philip Rivers (Dave)



Championship Game #1: Swamee Selects (Rick) defeated Massive Nassiffs (Jeff), 103.0 - 101.0

Championship Game #2: Pugh Mahone (John) defeated Straight Cash Homey (Mike W.), 134.0 - 93.5.

Toilet Bowl Loser: North Quincy Posse (Mike L.)

Fantasy Bowl: Pugh Mahone (John) defeated Swamee Selects (Rick), 115.0- 113.5.

In a nail-biting Championship Game, Pugh Mahone outlasted Swamee Selects by a slim 1.5 point margin, 115.0 to 113.5. Pugh Mahone had faced long odds coming into the game and need Ezekiel Elliott to score a long TD (he did) and Dan Bailey to not have any field goal attempts (it happened - Dallas scored 6 TDs, instead). It was a weird week, with Pugh Mahone having two running backs put up 0's in the big game.

The playoffs began with with the 2014 Champ - Swamee Selects, the 2015 runner-up - Pugh Mahone, and two teams with 8 Titles between them, Straight Cash Homey and the Massive Nassiffs. After making the playoffs for the third straight year, Swamee Selects was able to narrowly squeak by the Massive Nassiffs by just 2 points. Home Field Advantage was a huge factor in the game. On the other side, Pugh Mahone was able to defeat Straight Cash Homey to advance to the Finals for the second year in a row.

Oddly, there has only been 3 teams involved in the Championship Game over the last 3 years - Swamee Selects (2), Frozen Tundra (2), and Pugh Mahone (2).

THE Managing Director is a fast learner. In only his third year in the league, he has gotten better each year. Overcoming a heartbreaking loss in 2015, John was able to get back to the Big Dance and take care of business.

The foundation of Pugh Mahone only had a handful of returning players from his 2015 squad - Eli Manning, Chris Ivory, Brandin Cooks, Thomas Rawls, and Greg Olsen. Rawls opened up the season hurt and Olsen would later be traded. In the Auction, THE Managing Director picked up his 2015 QB Kirk Cousins, Rookie Ezekiel Elliott, Danny Woodhead, Michael Crabtree, Martellus Bennett, Ted Ginn Jr., Steve Smith Sr., Adam Vinatieri, Steven Gostkowski ($11!), and the Patriots DST ($10!). Woodhead got struck down by injury early and a few of Pugh Mahone's other WR pickups flamed out. John spent all $100 of his blind bid FAAB money in Week 3 on Jaron Brown and Jacob Tamme. In need of a boost, THE Managing Director went to the trade market. He traded Greg Olsen for Isiah Crowell, Jimmy Garoppolo and Mohamed Sanu for Jeremy Hill, and Michael Crabtree and Michael Floyd for Mike Wallace and Rob Gronkowki. Rob Gronkowki never really had a chance to contribute after being hurt shortly after acquisition.

The key to Pugh Mahone's success was the weekly match-ups and deftly choosing the correct starters each week. Pugh Mahone started the season 6-0 and never scored less than 71 points in any week. John also took care of business in his own division and never lost a division game. John won 6 of his last 7 games to close out his season, so getting hot at the right time was definitely a key to success. John proved that if you can put yourself in the position to make the playoffs, anything can happen. Ezekiel Elliott was definitely the Team MVP, with Kirk Cousins also getting a few MVP votes. Elliott and Cousins are back for 2017, so we'll see what Pugh Mahone can do for an encore.

This was John's 1st Fantasy Football Championship.