2015 Fantasy Football Final Standings

Scandalous League

Championship Trophy - Eric Pellerin Championship Trophy - Eric Pellerin  Frozen Tundra (Eric Pellerin)

Queen Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Polk High Panthers (Craig) 13 1 0.929 1603.5 1183.5
Frozen Tundra (Eric) 11 3 0.786 1579.5 1367.0
Crenshaw Pete (James) 7 7 0.500 1436.0 1464.5
Grid Iron (Paul) 5 9 0.357 1355.5 1483.5
Jack Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Pugh Mahone (John O'Brien) 8 6 0.571 1541.5 1355.0
Massive Nassiffs (Jeff N.) 6 8 0.429 1248.5 1425.5
The Bigg Doggs (Chris) 6 8 0.429 1271.0 1369.5
North Quincy Posse (Mike L.) 2 12 0.143 1106.0 1531.0
King Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Swamee Selects (Rick) 10 4 0.714 1495.0 1239.5
Game of Endzones (Dave) 6 8 0.429 1261.5 1397.5
Bristol University (Mike W.) 5 9 0.357 1289.5 1364.0
Just Call Me Dushi (Matt L.) 5 9 0.357 1434.0 1441.0


We didn't make any major changes entering the 2015 season. We returned the same owners as the previous season.

Top 5 Auction Prices:

$168 - Andrew Luck (James)

$117 - Russell Wilson (Eric)

$106 - Drew Brees (Paul)

$100 - Peyton Manning (Eric)

$98 - Adrian Peterson (Paul)



Championship Game #1: Frozen Tundra (Eric) defeated Polk High Panthers (Craig), 126.0 - 109.0

Championship Game #2: Pugh Mahone (John) defeated Swamee Selects (Rick), 155.0 - 114.0.

Toilet Bowl Loser:North Quincy Posse (Mike L.)

Fantasy Bowl: Frozen Tundra (Eric) defeated Pugh Mahone (John), 134.0- 128.0.

The Frozen Tundra outlasted Pugh Mahone by a score of 134.0 to 128.0 in the Fantasy Bowl. When I say outlasted, it couldn't have been more true. It was the wildest Fantasy Bowl the Scandalous League has ever seen. The roller coaster ride started on Saturday night and didn't finish until Overtime in the Monday night game. In between we saw multiple lead changes and "I can't believe that just happened" moments. It's only the second time in 22 seasons that the Championship was determined during the Monday night game (2008, Baby Boom over the NQP). Most years the games are lopsided and well in hand by Sunday night.

The playoffs began with 3 of the same 4 teams as the previous year - Polk High Panthers, Swamee Selects, and the Frozen Tundra. Pugh Mahone was the newcomer in the bunch and was able to beat the defending Champion Swamee Selects to advance to the Fantasy Bowl. Pugh Mahone was riding a 6 game winning streak heading into the final game. The Frozen Tundra had to knock off the #1 seeded Polk High Panthers to get to the Fantasy Bowl. Craig was on an amazing 13 game winning streak and like Eric and John, averaged over 114.0 points a game. The Frozen Tundra were being blown out by Cam Newton and the Polk High Panthers until a magnificent effort in the Sunday night game by David Johnson put the Frozen Tundra ahead for good.

The foundation of the Frozen Tundra was built on only a few keepers. DeAndre Hopkins, Alshon Jeffery, and Martellus Bennett were the only significant hold-overs from 2014. The core of the team was built at the Auction, with Russell Wilson, Carson Palmer, Doug Martin, Keenan Allen, Frank Gore, Jordan Reed, Chris Johnson, and David Johnson forming the core of starting lineup staples throughout the season. Eric also picked Peyton Manning ($100) to be his number 2 QB and Manning played terribly, got hurt, and ultimately lost his job. Aside from Stefon Diggs, none of the waiver wire acquisitions paid any dividends. Unfortunately, not even trades seemed to be a big help this year. Deals for CJ Spiller and Golden Tate were busts, receiving Justin Forsett for CJ Johnson and James White didn't work out when Forsett broke his arm in his first game, receiving Eddie Lacy/Brandon McManus in a deal for Doug Martin/Mason Crosby wasn't very good as Doug Martin continued to run wild in the 2nd half. The trade for Lamar Miller and Stevie Johnson worked out, only because the key to the deal was an IR'd Keenan Allen. At the end of the day, Eric went with his gut feeling on trades and ignored conventional wisdom and rankings. Luckily, having Eddie Lacy and Brandon McManus in the Fantasy Bowl instead of Doug Martin and Mason Crosby paid dividends - otherwise it would have been a 9 pt loss.

This was Eric's 2nd Fantasy Football Championship, joining Mike Wakeley, Jeff Nassiff, Brian Guilmet Craig DiBella, and Paul DiFilippo as multiple winners. This marked Eric's 8th Scandalous League Championship, besting Mike Wakeley's 7 Titles.