2010 Fantasy Football Final Standings

Scandalous League

Championship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike WakeleyChampionship Trophy - Mike Wakeley Bristol University (Mike Wakeley)

Bailout Nation Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Bristol University (Mike W.) 10 4 0.714 1323.5 1197.5
North Quincy Posse (Mike L.) 7 7 0.500 1232.5 1284.5
Swamee Selects (Rick) 7 7 0.500 1236.5 1220.5
Frozen Tundra (Eric) 6 8 0.429 1217.0 1268.5
Three Men and a Little Baldy Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Massive Nassiffs (Jeff N.) 10 4 0.714 1500.0 1157.0
The Bigg Doggs (Chris) 8 6 0.571 1421.5 1282.0
Polk High Panthers (Craig) 5 9 0.357 1216.0 1212.0
Baby Boom (Brian G.) 4 10 0.286 1114.5 1403.5
Yawwwwwn Division W L Pct. PF PA
* Grid Iron (Paul) 12 2 0.857 1647.0 1265.0
Gipperizers (Gipper) 8 6 0.571 1305.5 1163.5
Knibb High Football (Dave N) 6 8 0.429 1047.0 1267.0
My Dixie Wreck (Matt L.) 1 13 0.071 828.0 1368.0


We returned the same 12 owners as the previous season.

This was Year 2 of our single season bidding system. We made a mid-season vote that allowed owners to frontload a contract for one year extension, or restructure a two year contract that had never been frontloaded to include a single season frontload of 10%.

Top 5 Auction Prices:

$155 - Adrian Peterson (Paul)

$132 - Philip Rivers (Paul)

$130 - Matt Schaub (Eric)

$117 - Maurice Jones-Drew (Rick)

$110 - Andre Johnson (Mike L. - traded to Chris)




Championship Game #1: Grid Iron (Paul) defeated The Bigg Doggs (Chris), 107.5 - 95.0

Championship Game #2: Bristol University (Mike W.) defeated the Massive Nassiffs (Jeff), 108.5 - 102.0.

Toilet Bowl Loser: My Dixie Wreck (Matt)

Fantasy Bowl: Bristol University (Mike W.) defeated Grid Iron (Paul) , 131.0 - 64.0.

The Bristol University franchise won their record setting fifth Fantasy Football Championship in 2010 after winning the division with their 10-4 record. Bristol University toppled the defending champs, Grid Iron, who had just set a record for the most points in a season (117.6 ppg). The Fantasy Bowl was a blow-out, as Bristol University more than doubled Grid Iron's score.

Mike had a bunch of holes to fill coming into the season. His foundation was Matt Forte (coming off a shaky season), D'Angelo Williams (2 RB set), and Antonio Gates. Mike had a little under $400 spent and didn't really overwhelm anyone at the auction. His plan to go into the season with Josh Freeman and the AZ QBs certainly didn't inspire confidence in anyone. Couple that with the fact that he was about to begin a 3-Year stint in the toughest division in the Scandalous League, and the Bristol University were not in a good spot. Greg Jennings and Matt Forte turned out to be the teams biggest stars, but both Steven Jackson and Josh Freeman were also top contributors. Bristol University was able to replace an injured Gates with Jacob Tamme, who turned out to be a top TE choice. Mike was able to bolster his team down the stretch by trading for solid performers like Matt Ryan, Cedric Benson, Jonathan Stewart, and perhaps the playoff MVP - your New England Patriots D/ST.

This was Mike's 5th Fantasy Football title and 6th Scandalous League title.