2007/2008 Fantasy Football NFL Playoff Pool


$10 for an entry into this pool

If you are a member of the Scandalous League, I will add the $10 to your current balance. Other entrants please make payment arrangements. You may also send me the $10 via Paypal to pocoroba20@aol.com.

We will be selecting 10 players from the list below for our "fantasy teams". The players are listed with corresponding "salaries". The salary cap for each team will be $50.

All 10 players will be started and their cumulative statistics between Wild Card Weekend through Super Bowl Weekend will be recorded. The fantasy team that scores the most points over those 4 weekends will be declared the winner.

There will be a balance in strategy between the high scoring players and the players that will play 3 or 4 weekends, so please pick carefully.

If we have enough entrants, the top 3 teams will get cash prizes. (Last year the top prize was $180) Further details will be sent out on Saturday.

Please email me your 10 players to: pocoroba20@aol.com


Deadline: Saturday, January 5th at 3:00 PM

Scoring System

$10 Entry Fee

Player Pool (click the player for statistics)

2 QBs 2 WR/TEs 1 Kicker + 1 Defense/ST 2 Flex Players (any position)
Pick 2 QBs whose salary Pick 2 WR/TEs whose salary Pick 1 DEF/ST and 1 K whose salary Pick 2 players from any position whose
may not add up to over $10 may not add up to over $10 may not add up to over $10 salary may not add up to over $10
Player Value Player Value Player Value * Bonus: If you have any extra
Brady, Tom NEP QB $9 Moss, Randy NEP WR $9 Patriots, New England NEP DEF/ST $9 salary from Steps 1-4, you may
Manning, Peyton IND QB $8 Wayne, Reggie IND WR $8 Cowboys, Dallas DAL DEF/ST $8 add it to the $10 available for 2 flex
Romo, Tony DAL QB $7 Owens, Terrell DAL WR $8 Chargers, San Diego SDC DEF/ST $7 players
Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB $6 Jennings, Greg GBP WR $7 Crosby, Mason GBP PK (R) $7  
Favre, Brett GBP QB $6 Welker, Wes NEP WR $7 Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK $7 The Total Cap for this pool is $50
Garrard, David JAC QB $4 Burress, Plaxico NYG WR $6 Colts, Indianapolis IND DEF/ST $6
Hasselbeck, Matt SEA QB $4 Galloway, Joey TBB WR $6 Packers, Green Bay GBP DEF/ST $6
Garcia, Jeff TBB QB $3 Holmes, Santonio PIT WR $6 Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB DEF/ST $5
Manning, Eli NYG QB $2 Witten, Jason DAL TE $6 Folk, Nick DAL PK (R) $5
Rivers, Philip SDC QB $2 Gates, Antonio SDC TE $6 Vinatieri, Adam IND PK $5
Young, Vince TEN QB $1 Ward, Hines PIT WR $5 Seahawks, Seattle SEA DEF/ST $5
Collins, Todd WAS QB $1 Clark, Dallas IND TE $5 Giants, New York NYG DEF/ST $5
Collins, Kerry TEN QB $1 Williams, Reggie JAC WR $5 Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT DEF/ST $4
Campbell, Jason WAS QB $1 Engram, Bobby SEA WR $5 Brown, Josh SEA PK $4
McCown, Luke TBB QB $1 Hackett, D.J. SEA WR $4 Kaeding, Nate SDC PK $3
Gray, Quinn JAC QB $1 Cooley, Chris WAS TE $4 Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC DEF/ST $3
Batch, Charlie PIT QB $1 Burleson, Nate SEA WR $4 Titans, Tennessee TEN DEF/ST $2
Wallace, Seneca SEA QB $1 Crayton, Patrick DAL WR $4 Redskins, Washington WAS DEF/ST $2
Harrison, Marvin IND WR $3 Bryant, Matt TBB PK $2
STEP 2 Branch, Deion SEA WR $3 Suisham, Shaun WAS PK $1
Driver, Donald GBP WR $3 Bironas, Rob TEN PK $1
2 RBs Moss, Santana WAS WR $3 Scobee, Josh JAC PK $1
Chambers, Chris SDC WR $2 Reed, Jeff PIT PK $1
Pick 2 RBs whose salary Miller, Heath PIT TE $2 Tynes, Lawrence NYG PK $1
may not add up to over $10 Gonzalez, Anthony IND WR (R) $2 Rayner, Dave SDC PK $1
Lee, Donald GBP TE $1
Player Value Watson, Ben NEP TE $1
Tomlinson, Ladainian SDC RB $9 Jones, Brandon TEN WR $1
Addai, Joseph IND RB $8 Williams, Roydell TEN WR $1
Portis, Clinton WAS RB $7 Northcutt, Dennis JAC WR $1
Graham, Earnest TBB RB $7 Stallworth, Donte' NEP WR $1
Grant, Ryan GBP RB $7 Gaffney, Jabar NEP WR $1
Barber, Marion DAL RB $6 Glenn, Terry DAL WR $1
Jacobs, Brandon NYG RB $6 Toomer, Amani NYG WR $1
Jones-Drew, Maurice JAC RB $5 Washington, Nate PIT WR $1
Taylor, Fred JAC RB $5 Gage, Justin TEN WR $1
Maroney, Laurence NEP RB $4 Hilliard, Ike TBB WR $1
Davenport, Najeh PIT RB $3 Jones, James GBP WR (R) $1
Alexander, Shaun SEA RB $2 Randle El, Antwaan WAS WR $1
White, LenDale TEN RB $1 Jones, Matt JAC WR $1
Morris, Maurice SEA RB $1 Jackson, Vincent SDC WR $1
Brown, Chris TEN RB $1 Franks, Bubba GBP TE $1
Keith, Kenton IND RB $1 Smith, Alex TBB TE $1
Faulk, Kevin NEP RB $1 Wilford, Ernest JAC WR $1
Henry, Chris TEN RB (R) $1 Stevens, Jerramy TBB TE $1
Jones, Greg JAC RB $1 Scaife, Bo TEN TE $1
Droughns, Reuben NYG RB $1 Martin, Ruvell GBP WR $1
Jones, Julius DAL RB $1 Robinson, Koren GBP WR $1
Pittman, Michael TBB RB $1 Boss, Kevin NYG TE (R) $1
Sellers, Mike WAS RB $1 Thorpe, Craphonso IND WR $1
Weaver, Leonard SEA RB $1 Aromashodu, Devin IND WR $1
Jackson, Brandon GBP RB (R) $1 Caldwell, Reche WAS WR $1
Betts, Ladell WAS RB $1
Bradshaw, Ahmad NYG RB (R) $1
Sproles, Darren SDC RB $1
Turner, Michael SDC RB $1
Evans, Heath NEP RB $1