Transactions 2012

Through Monday, July 30th


The Trade Deadline is Monday, August 20th.



Team Name
Picked Up
BALCO Bombers DL - J.P. Arencibia Michael McKenry
Sultans of Swat Released - Francisco Rodriguez Tyler Clippard
Reversal of Fortune Released - Clayton Richard Chad Billingsley
I Like Big Bunts DL - Logan Morrison Ryan Ludwick
The Bigg Doggs DL - Erick Aybar Starling Marte
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Aaron Harang Mark Buehrle
Iron Men Minors - Lucas Duda Chris Johnson
Non - Smokers Released - Tyler Colvin Chris Carter
BALCO Bombers DL - Trevor Plouffe Ryan Roberts
Reversal of Fortune Released - Michael Young Brandon Belt
Iron Men DL - Pablo Sandoval Yonder Alonso
Reversal of Fortune Released - Martin Maldonado Activated - Jonathan Lucroy
Iron Men Released - Barry Zito Wilton Lopez
Iron Men Released - Francisco Cordero Freddy Garcia
WWEDD? DL - Adam Lind Activated - Mike Moustakas
The Bigg Doggs DL - Alex Rodriguez Wilson Betemit
The Bigg Doggs Released - Tommy Milone Activated - Heath Bell
Winged Buffalo Released - Brennan Boesch Rajai Davis
Reversal of Fortune Released - J.D. Martinez Activated - Martin Prado
Sultans of Swat Released - Glen Perkins Activated - Jon Lester
Camel Jockeys Released - Drew Storen No Open Spot
BALCO Bombers Released - Michael Saunders No Open Spot
Reserve Moves
Camel Jockeys Reserved - Tommy Hanson 2nd Week
Non - Smokers Reserved - Huston Street 2nd Week
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Ricky Romero Derek Holland
Priory of Yawkey Way Reserved - Jonathan Broxton Greg Holland
Priory of Yawkey Way Reserved - Carl Crawford Carlos Gomez
A.C.L. Reserved - Matt Garza Bud Norris
The Bigg Doggs Reserved - Roy Oswalt Paul Maholm
A.C.L. Reserved - Adam LaRoche Brandon Inge
Winged Buffalo Reserved - James McDonald Jared Burton
Iron Men Reserved - John Axford 2nd Week
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Gordon Beckham 2nd Week
BALCO Bombers Reserved - Ivan Nova 2nd Week