Transactions 2011

Through Monday, May 23rd



BALCO Bombers traded Mark Melancon to the Winged Buffalo for Brad Lidge.

Team Name
Picked Up
Priory of Yawkey Way DL - Adam Lind Mark Trumbo
Reversal of Fortune DL - Brandon McCarthy Erik Bedard
I Like Big Bunts DL - Derrek Lee Wilson Betemit
A.C.L. DL - Vicente Padilla Matt Guerrier
WWEDD? DL - Shane Victorino Corey Patterson
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - David Murphy Chris Johnson
WWEDD? DL - Pedro Alvarez Seth Smith
BALCO Bombers DL - Juan Uribe Activated - Rafael Furcal
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Orlando Hudson No Open Spot
Camel Jockeys DL - Josh Johnson Activated - Jake Peavy
Non - Smokers DL - David Wright Justin Turner
Non - Smokers Released - Ryan Raburn No Open Spot
Iron Men DL - Travis Hafner Activated - Chipper Jones
Iron Men DL - Marlon Byrd Reed Johnson
A.C.L. Released - J.J. Hardy Jason Bartlett
The Bigg Doggs DL - Jason Heyward Activated - Nelson Cruz
BALCO Bombers Released - Orlando Cabrera Activated - Chase Utley
BALCO Bombers Open Spot Activated - Brandon League
Winged Buffalo DL - Brian Roberts Alex Gonzalez
Winged Buffalo Released - Brian Fuentes No Open Spot
The Bigg Doggs Released - Ryan Dempster Activated - Ted Lilly
A.C.L. Released - Cliff Pennington No Open Spot
Reversal of Fortune Released - Brett Myers No Open Spot
Sultans of Swat Minors - Will Venable Chris Coghlan
Sultans of Swat DL - Nate McLouth Jack Hannahan
Reserve Moves
Priory of Yawkey Way Reserved - Matt Garza Kyle Lohse
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Jorge Posada Jarrod Saltalamacchia
Non - Smokers Reserved - Edinson Volquez Jason Vargas
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Kyle Drabek (3rd time) Bartolo Colon
Reversal of Fortune Reserved - Mitch Moreland (2nd time) Activated - Delmon Young
Iron Men Reserved - Danny Espinosa Jonathan Herrera
Iron Men Reserved - Rick Porcello Kyle McClellan
A.C.L. Reserved - Andres Torres Carlos Gomez
Camel Jockeys Reserved - Colby Rasmus Activated - Josh Hamilton