Transactions 2011

Through Monday, August 15th



Winged Buffalo traded Desmond Jennings, Derek Holland, Russell Martin, and Mark Melancon to the Non - Smokers for Brian McCann, Andrew Bailey, Chris Perez, Danny Espinosa, and Martin Perez.

Sultans of Swat traded Jaime Garcia to the Winged Buffalo for B.J. Upton.

Reversal of Fortune traded Jonathan Papelbon to the Winged Buffalo for Ricky Nolasco.

Camel Jockeys traded Adam Jones to the Sultans of Swat for B.J. Upton and Drew Storen.

Team Name
Picked Up
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Brandon McCarthy Javier Vazquez
Sultans of Swat Released - Garrett Jones Todd Helton
Non - Smokers DL - Tommy Hanson Kyle Lohse
The Bigg Doggs DL - Chase Headley Chipper Jones
I Like Big Bunts DL - Brendan Ryan Yuniesky Betancourt
Reversal of Fortune Released - Delmon Young David Freese
WWEDD? Minors - Logan Morrison Ryan Ludwick
Priory of Yawkey Way DL - Carlos Guillen Alcides Escobar
Reversal of Fortune DL - Chris Narveson Mike Leake
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Sean Rodriguez Ian Desmond
Non - Smokers Released - Yorvit Torrealba No Open Spot
I Like Big Bunts Released - Jon Jay Activated - Carlos Beltran
Reversal of Fortune DL - Hanley Ramirez No Open Spot
A.C.L. DL - Scott Baker Rich Harden
A.C.L. DL - Huston Street Rafael Betancourt
Winged Buffalo Released - Dexter Fowler Activated - B.J. Upton
Winged Buffalo Open Spot Activated - Brian McCann
Camel Jockeys Released - Doug Fister No Open Spot
Camel Jockeys Released - Jonathan Sanchez Activated - Matt Harrison
The Bigg Doggs Released - Johnny Giavotella Activated - Jemile Weeks
Iron Men DL - Derrek Lee Promoted - Lucas Duda
Winged Buffalo Released - Bartolo Colon No Open Spot
Sultans of Swat Released - Michael Brantley No Open Spot
Sultans of Swat Open Spot Ivan Nova
Sultans of Swat Open Spot Aaron Harang
Non - Smokers Open Spot Jed Lowrie
Reserve Moves
Priory of Yawkey Way Reserved - Adam Dunn Activated - Brandon Belt
Reversal of Fortune Reserved - J.J. Putz Randy Wolf