Transactions 2010

Through Monday, September 20th


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
The Bigg Doggs Released - Justin Masterson No Open Spot
Reserve Moves
Iron Men Taxi - Tyler Colvin Activated - Travis Hafner
A.C.L. Taxi - Barry Enright Activated - Ryan Dempster
A.C.L. Taxi - Corey Patterson Activated - Matt Kemp
A.C.L. Taxi - Brandon Lyon Activated - Dallas Braden
Winged Buffalo Taxi - Fernando Rodney Activated - Brian Duensing
WWEDD? Taxi - Jimmy Rollins Activated - Orlando Hudson
WWEDD? Taxi - Gordon Beckham Activated - Alberto Callaspo
Priory of Yawkey Way Taxi - J.A. Happ Activated - Scott Baker
Sultans of Swat Taxi - Coco Crisp Activated - Nick Swisher