Transactions 2010

Through Monday, September 6th


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Vin Mazzaro Activated - Matt Lindstrom
Camel Jockeys Released - Mike Lowell Activated - Ian Kinsler
A.C.L. DL - Ian Stewart No Open Spot
A.C.L. Released - Trevor Hoffman Activated - Dallas Braden
Reserve Moves
BALCO Bombers Taxi - Nyjer Morgan Activated - Jonny Gomes
Sultans of Swat Taxi - Johnny Damon Activated - Matt LaPorta
Reversal of Fortune Taxi - Marco Scutaro Activated - Jose Reyes
Reversal of Fortune Taxi - Alfredo Simon Activated - Jeff Niemann
Winged Buffalo Taxi - Manny Ramirez Activated - Alex Rodriguez
Winged Buffalo Taxi - Cliff Lee Activated - Jason Hammel
Non - Smokers Taxi - Scott Podsednik Activated - Dexter Fowler
Non - Smokers Taxi - Leo Nunez Activated - John Lackey
Non - Smokers Taxi - Brandon Morrow Activated - Bud Norris
A.C.L. Taxi - Ryan Dempster Activated - Barry Enright