2007 Fantasy Baseball Draft Order
1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round 5th Round 6th Round 7th Round 8th Round
1 * Chris Eric Paul Matt Tim Chris Jeff Mike
2 Rick Paul * Chris Rick Jeff Scott Scott Matt
3 Mike Jeff Eric * Scott Matt Tedd Tim Rick
4 * Scott Matt Steve Tedd Paul Brian Chris Eric
5 Steve Tim Jeff Brian Mike Eric Tedd Steve
6 Tedd Brian Tim Mike Rick Steve Paul Brian
7 Brian Tedd Mike Tim Steve Rick Brian Paul
8 Tim Steve Brian Jeff Eric Mike Steve Tedd
9 Matt * Scott Tedd Steve Brian Paul Eric Chris
10 Jeff Mike Chris Eric Tedd Matt Rick Tim
11 Paul Rick Rick * Chris Scott Jeff Matt Scott
12 Eric Scott Matt Paul Chris Tim Mike Jeff
9th Round 10th Round 11th Round 12th Round 13th Round 14th Round 15th Round 16th Round
1 Paul Tim Paul Rick Scott Tedd Tim Matt
2 Mike Eric Matt Eric Steve Rick Brian Rick
3 Brian Jeff Scott Steve Paul Brian Chris Mike
4 Matt Scott Tedd Tim Eric Chris Tedd Scott
5 Rick Chris Chris Mike Jeff Tim Paul Eric
6 Steve Tedd Jeff Brian Mike Matt Jeff Steve
7 Tedd Steve Brian Jeff Matt Mike Steve Jeff
8 Chris Rick Mike Chris Tim Jeff Eric Paul
9 Scott Matt Tim Tedd Chris Eric Scott Tedd
10 Jeff Brian Steve Scott Brian Paul Mike Chris
11 Eric Mike Eric Matt Rick Steve Rick Brian
12 Tim Paul Rick Paul Tedd Scott Matt Tim
17th Round 18th Round 19th Round 20th Round 21st Round 22nd Round 23rd Round Pre-Season
1 Steve Brian Matt Rick Mike Tim Matt Tedd
2 Mike Tim Eric Paul Chris Paul Chris Rick
3 Chris Scott Tedd Jeff Matt Jeff Jeff Brian
4 Jeff Matt Tim Chris Steve Rick Scott Eric
5 Tedd Eric Brian Scott Scott Eric Tim Steve
6 Rick Paul Mike Steve Tedd Brian Mike Paul
7 Paul Rick Steve Mike Brian Tedd Paul Mike
8 Eric Tedd Scott Brian Eric Scott Steve Tim
9 Matt Jeff Chris Tim Rick Steve Eric Scott
10 Scott Chris Jeff Tedd Jeff Matt Brian Jeff
11 Tim Mike Paul Eric Paul Chris Rick Chris
12 Brian Steve Rick Matt Tim Mike Tedd Matt
Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Minors 1 Minors 2 Minors 3
1 Brian Mike Eric Tedd Rick Mike Chris
2 Matt Scott Matt Jeff Steve Brian Eric
3 Jeff Paul Tim Rick Tim Matt Brian
4 Eric Chris Brian Steve Chris Jeff Jeff
5 Rick Tim Chris Mike Scott Tedd Scott
6 Tedd Steve Scott Paul Paul Eric Tim
7 Steve Tedd Paul Scott Eric Paul Mike
8 Tim Rick Mike Chris Tedd Scott Steve
9 Chris Eric Steve Brian Jeff Chris Matt
10 Paul Jeff Rick Tim Matt Tim Rick
11 Scott Matt Jeff Matt Brian Steve Tedd
12 Mike Brian Tedd Eric Mike Rick Paul

* The Bigg Doggs traded their 1st, 2nd and 4th round picks to A.C.L. for their 1st, 3rd, and 4th round picks.