Transactions 2006

Through Monday, April 24th



The Bigg Doggs traded Carlos Delgado to the Asian Pranksters for Josh Beckett.


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Iron Men DL - Derrek Lee Adrian Gonzalez
Rooster Rage Released - Rodrigo Lopez Dan Miceli
Priory of Yawkey Way DL - Bartolo Colon Jason Marquis
The Bigg Doggs Open Spot Joey Gathright
Camel Jockeys Released - Orlando Hudson Brandon Phillips
Sultans of Swat DL - Jeremy Hermida Jack Wilson
Rooster Rage Released - Shannon Stewart Omar Vizquel
The Bigg Doggs DL - A.J. Burnett Mike Maroth
Rooster Rage Released - Brian Schneider Damian Miller
Iron Men Released - Steve Trachsel Activated - Shawn Chacon
Iron Men Reserved - Huston Street Justin Duchscherer
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Shawn Green Dave Roberts
Non - Smokers Released - Ryan Zimmerman No Open Spot
Non - Smokers Reserved - Trevor Hoffman Vicente Padilla
Asian Pranksters Released - Javier Valentin Activated - Jason LaRue
Asian Pranksters DL - Todd Helton No Open Spot
The Bigg Doggs Released - Tim Worrell No Open Spot
Camel Jockeys Reserved - Jeremy Bonderman Activated - Ben Sheets
A.C.L. Reserved - Esteban Loaiza Kyle Davies
A.C.L. Released - Jason Smith Activated - Nomar Garciaparra
Asian Pranksters Open Spot Tim Wakefield
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Carlos Beltran Jason Michaels
Camel Jockeys Released - Luis Castillo Activated - Edgar Renteria
Camel Jockeys Released - Gustavo Chacin No Open Spot