Transactions 2006

Through Monday, August 28th


The transaction deadline for free agent pickups is September 3rd. The Taxi Draft will be held next weekend.


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Priory of Yawkey Way DL - Mike Gonzalez Brad Lidge
Rooster Rage Released - Emil Brown Nick Markakis
Harpooners DL - Bobby Crosby Aaron Hill
Asian Pranksters DL - Aaron Rowand Willy Tavaras
Priory of Yawkey Way Released - Chris Duncan Coco Crisp
Harpooners DL - Placido Polanco Ray Durham
Non - Smokers Reserved - Nick Johnson Sean Casey
Non - Smokers DL - Tom Gordon No Open Spot
Camel Jockeys DL - Khalil Greene Jose Castillo
Harpooners DL - Scott Kazmir Clay Hensley
Harpooners Released - Matt Morris No Open Spot
The Bigg Doggs Reserved - Jim Thome Shawn Green
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Manny Ramirez Gary Matthews Jr.
Winged Buffalo Released - Kevin Mench No Open Spot
A.C.L. Released - Dan Wheeler Activated - Brandon Webb
A.C.L. Released - Kyle Lohse Activated - Brian Fuentes
A.C.L. Reserved - Brad Radke Esteban Loaiza
Iron Men Reserved - Jon Lester Livan Hernandez
Iron Men Released - Phil Nevin Activated - Derrek Lee
Non - Smokers Released - Kiko Calero Tom Mastny
Non - Smokers Reserved - Nate Robertson Seth McClung
Asian Pranksters Released - Jeff Kent No Open Spot