Transactions 2006

Through Monday, June 26th


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Camel Jockeys Released - Daniel Cabrera Jon Lester
Rooster Rage Released - Shawn Green Ryan Freel
Non - Smokers Released - Miguel Olivo Michael Barrett
Asian Pranksters Released - Conor Jackson Activated - Albert Pujols
Winged Buffalo Released - Reggie Sanders Mike Cameron
Rooster Rage Released - Damian Miller John Buck
Non - Smokers Released - Jeff Francis Activated - Jason Isringhausen
Non - Smokers Reserved - Trevor Hoffman (3rd time) Nate Robertson
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Zach Duke Jorge Sosa
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Brian Schneider Mike Napoli
Iron Men Released - Jose Castillo Activated - Derrek Lee
The Bigg Doggs DL - Mark Mulder Activated - A.J. Burnett
Camel Jockeys Released - Horacio Ramirez No Open Spot
A.C.L. Released - Elizardo Ramirez Activated - John Patterson
A.C.L. Released - Orlando Hernandez Zach Miner
Non - Smokers Reserved - Tim Hudson Jamie Shields
Rooster Rage Reserved - Matt Cain Jason Jennings
Rooster Rage Reserved - Barry Bonds Craig Wilson
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Jonny Gomes Eric Byrnes
Sultans of Swat Released - Michael Cuddyer No Open Spot
Winged Buffalo Released - Jarrod Washburn No Open Spot
A.C.L. Released - Xavier Nady No Open Spot