Transactions 2005

Through Monday, May 23rd



Asian Pranksters traded Craig Wilson and Greg Aquino to the Camel Jockeys for Armando Benitez.


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Asian Pranksters Released - Ryan Church Jose Castillo
Asian Pranksters Released - Yhency Brazoban Activated - Joe Blanton
Asian Pranksters Reserved - Carlos Beltran Bobby Kielty
Winged Buffalo Released - Mike Maroth Aaron Harang
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Carlos Pena Darin Erstad
Camel Jockeys Reserved - CC Sabathia Ted Lilly
Camel Jockeys Released - Daniel Cabrera Chris Young
Camel Jockeys Released - Morgan Ensberg Kevin Mench
Make 7up Yours DL - John Thomson Adam Bernero
Make 7up Yours Released - Kevin Millar Activated - Jim Thome
Make 7up Yours Open Minor League Spot Chicago White Sox
Make 7up Yours DL - Odalis Perez Promoted - Brandon McCarthy
A.C.L. DL - Octavio Dotel Brian Bruney
A.C.L. Released - Dan Haren Chris Reitsma
A.C.L. Released - Daryle Ward Activated - Mike Lowell
A.C.L. Released - Junior Spivey Activated - Luis Castillo
The Bigg Doggs DL - Coco Crisp Alex Sanchez
The Bigg Doggs Released - Ryan Dempster Ryan Wagner
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Jeff Suppan Jose Contreras
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Dan Kolb Carlos Silva
Ted-Sicle Released - Aaron Heilman Scot Shields
Ted-Sicle Reserved - Danny Graves Mike MacDougal
Iron Men Released - David Bush Tim Stauffer
Iron Men Released - Geoff Jenkins Activated - Sammy Sosa
Non - Smokers DL - Brandon Lyon Joe Borowski
Non - Smokers DL - Vladimir Guerrero Jody Gerut
Rooster Rage Reserved - Shingo Takatsu Cory Lidle
Harpooners DL - Orlando Hernandez Dave Williams
Camel Jockeys Released - Brandon Backe Activated - Carlos Zambrano