Transactions 2005

Through Monday, April 18th



Asian Pranksters traded Lew Ford to the Winged Buffalo for LaTroy Hawkins.

Winged Buffalo traded Dontrelle Willis, Orlando Hudson, Toby Hall, and Rocco Baldelli to the Camel Jockeys for Zach Greinke, Milton Bradley, Danys Baez, and Michael Barrett.


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Non - Smokers Released - Omar Infante Clint Barmes
Non - Smokers Released - Ryan Freel No Open Spot
Iron Men Released - Gavin Floyd Huston Street
Iron Men Released - Yadier Molina Jason Phillips
Ted-Sicle DL - Magglio Ordonez Activated - Dave Roberts
Camel Jockeys DL - Justin Morneau Darin Erstad
Camel Jockeys DL- Khalil Greene Rob Mackowiak
Camel Jockeys Open Spot Jamie Moyer
Sultans of Swat 4X DL - Jeremy Affeldt Mike Hampton
Asian Pranksters Released - Kip Wells Mike MacDougal
Asian Pranksters DL - Jose Cruz Jr. Kenny Lofton
Asian Pranksters Released - Russ Ortiz No Open Spot
Asian Pranksters Open Spot Jason Lane
Asian Pranksters Released - Corey Koskie Edgardo Alfonzo
A.C.L. Released - Runelvys Hernandez Activated - Cliff Lee
A.C.L. Released - Bill Mueller Dallas McPherson
Winged Buffalo Released - Kevin Mench No Open Spot
Winged Buffalo Released - Woody Williams Activated - Joel Pineiro
Ted-Sicle Reserved - Marcus Giles Craig Biggio
Asian Pranksters Reserved - Yhency Brazoban Activated - Matt Morris
Camel Jockeys Reserved - Johnny Estrada Rod Barajas
Non - Smokers Reserved - Geoff Jenkins Willy Taveras
Non - Smokers Reserved - Cliff Floyd Brady Clark
Make 7up Yours Released - Bronson Arroyo Activated - Carl Pavano