Transactions 2005

Through Monday, July 4th



Camel Jockeys traded Toby Hall and Tyler Walker to the Non - Smokers for Ramon Hernandez.


Team Name Replaced Picked Up
Asian Pranksters DL - Oliver Perez Jeff Francis
Asian Pranksters Reserved - Kenny Lofton Geoff Jenkins
The Bigg Doggs Released - Bret Boone Activated - Juan Uribe
The Bigg Doggs Released - Bruce Chen Daniel Cabrera
The Bigg Doggs Released - Mark Grudzielanek No Open Spot
Ted-Sicle Reserved - Dave Roberts Activated - Magglio Ordonez
Non - Smokers Released - Rod Barajas No Open Spot
Non - Smokers Released - David Weathers No Open Spot
Non - Smokers Reserved - Jay Gibbons Daryle Ward
Non - Smokers Released - Nook Logan Alexis Rios
Camel Jockeys DL - Ryan Church Bernie Williams
Camel Jockeys Open Spot Activated - C.C. Sabathia
Camel Jockeys Open Spot Activated - Johnny Estrada
Rooster Rage Released - Mark Kotsay Activated - Mike Sweeney
Rooster Rage DL - Adam Eaton Casey Fossum
A.C.L. Released - Adam LaRoche Activated - Dallas McPherson
A.C.L. Reserved - Richard Hidalgo Carl Everett
Winged Buffalo Reserved - Zach Greinke Nate Robertson
Sultans of Swat Released - Tony Clark Activated - Carlos Guillen
Sultans of Swat Reserved - Brad Lidge Dan Wheeler