Please pick your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choice for the new Scandalous League owner.


Candidate # 1 - Craig DiBella

Pro's: Everyone in the league has met him. Many of us see him during softball or down at the British Club. He's expressed interest in a football franchise in the past.

Con's: Totally new to fantasy baseball. Isn't familiar with all the players yet.


Candidate # 2 - Tedd Lupien

Pro's: Knows half the league from other fantasy leagues and from way back in the day in softball. Runs his own 14 team league and has won the league before. Has expressed an eagerness to join the league and already has a game plan for the team. Another guy to taunt Shea.

Con's: Only half the league knows him.


Candidate # 3 - Mark Altman

Pro's: Experienced fantasy baseball owner. Has run his own league and won a couple titles. Another guy to taunt Flip.

Con's: Only a couple guys know him.